Bed & Breakfast - Honfleur

Villa Ariane
Jean-Louis & Sophie CABARE
29 - 31, route Emile Renouf

Mobile : +33 670 30 87 86
e-mail :


The Villa Ariane is located in the centre of Honfleur. With a beautiful view over Le Pont de Normandie, the villa is 10 minutes away by car from Deauville and 20 minutes from Etretat.

Use the signs + or - to zoom and the hand to drag the map below or click on the blue sign to plan your own way.

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You can also use the following co-ordinates with a GPS if you own one :
E = O 14' 43"   N = 49 24' 48"

Note :
Please enter the name "rue Saint Leonard" instead of "route Emile Renouf" in your GPS as you won't find this street name on most maps.